Layer Project I

Located in a hot and dry environment, in the arid deserts of KSA, this Layer project is constituted of 2 houses. Both are 120-meters-long, 16-meters-wide, and 3.75-meters-high.

The number of birds per house is of 75,168 layer birds in battery cages.

Being entirely equipped by AG team of experts, the grower chose to collaborate with our team for the complete needed equipment regarding, the batteries cages for layers and the climate system.

The advanced chosen controllers are used run the houses in a fully automated mode.


In this region, which is hot & dry throughout most of the year, both temperature and humidity levels have to be constantly adjusted in order to maintain the ideal growing environment of 32 to 26 degrees Celsius & 70% to 50% Relative Humidity levels inside the house.

UPCOMING: The layer grower hopefully is looking to expand this project with added rearing and production houses soon.


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