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    Fans & Light Filters

    The EM fan series is a well-recognized and proven product se... more

    EC series cone fans, the fans equipped with cone discharge, ... more

    Driven by the European Ecodesign Directive, we have introduc... more

    The EMS Series is the ideal air recirculation fans whenever ... more

    The EDS Series is the ideal air recirculation fan whenever h... more

    EMT Series breaks up stratified heat, humidity and stagnant ... more

    The Euroemme MFS fan family share many of these time proven ... more

    The ambition of Munters is to achieve sustainable solutions ... more

    TU chimney extraction fan range is designed to perform relia... more

    Having adequate light control enables a grower to reap benef... more

    WM Series is the newest addition to our fiberglass fan line.... more


    GPmp air heaters are designed for use in either livestock ho... more

    The GA Air Heaters are designed for cost effective heating s... more

    Effective heat recovery with rotary heat exchanger. Thanks t... more

    Air Inlets

    The MWI has been engineered and designed to bring fresh air ... more

    IW air inlets are designed to be used as wall mounted air in... more

    The IW Inlet Canopy creates a brown out effect inside the ho... more

    IS air inlets are designed to be used as ceiling or roof inl... more

    SMT inlet shutters are designed for use as fresh-air intakes... more

    This innovative product helps growers and livestock producer... more

    Cooling Systems

    CELdek® Series evaporative cooling pad is used in systems wh... more

    CELdek® Series evaporative cooling pad is used in systems wh... more

    MI-T-Edg is the strongest, most weather resistant edge coati... more

    WDP is a complete water supply and drainage system for wetti... more

    The refreshing DCP30 unit is a compact evaporative air cooli... more

    The MPG glue-free system compensates the thermal expansion a... more


    The Light curtain is made of a transparent double polycarbon... more

    The curtain is designed to act as a ventilation opening toge... more


    Broiler Feeding Pans


    Fits perfectly all animals needs from 1st day till end of cy... more


    Feed day old chicks by encouraging them to feed outside the ... more

    Multipurpose pan. Wide access to the feed. Easy feed adjustm... more

    Broiler Breeder Feeding Pans

    Pan feeding system for female breeders. Strong Material & Sp... more

    Fully liftable automatic feed pan system. Especially designe... more

    Chain feeding system. Most adopted solution in the feeding o... more

    Part of the LYRA polyvalent range. Version designed for cock... more

    Drinking System

    Feed Transport

    Automatic system for feed transport. It consists of a boot a... more


    Made of galvanised corrugated sheet metal. High galvanising ... more


    Conventional Layer Systems

    The UNIVERSAL layers systems are ideal for sheds with forced... more

    Plus systems for layers are high density, stable and solid s... more

    Plants for layers ensure the best performance in hot and hum... more

    MONTANA is a system for layers perfect for hot and humid env... more

    Conventional Rearing Systems

    The Ideal PLUS rearing is equipped with mesh dividers that a... more

    Aviary Layer Systems

    In this system, the layers are guaranteed maximum freedom of... more

    The AS 480 aviary model is designed to guarantee excellent p... more

    The AS 540 aviaries are recommended and appreciated by the m... more

    AS EVOLUTION aviaries for layers are the most prodigious of ... more

    The aviaries for layers VS 188 are systems that have a large... more

    The aviaries for layers VS 224 are systems designed for flex... more

    Aviary Rearing Systems

    In the Ideal AS 227 rearing models, the chicks immediately l... more

    Egg Collection Systems

    gg collection by positioning the “ANACONDA” cross bar convey... more

    Allows the eggs to be gathered from all levels simultaneousl... more

    Allows the eggs to be gathered from all levels simultaneousl... more

    They include strip blowing boards and egg collection circuit... more


    Grando Nest

    The smart nest design ensures quick assembly, easy access to... more

    Classic Nest

    It is a robust nest that requires low maintenance through th... more

    Vencobelt - Egg Transport System

    Eggs are gently transported from different nest rows or hous... more

    Hatching Eggs Handling

    Ovoset Pro is the perfect solution for accurate and gentle s... more

    The Prinzen egg transfer system lifts and places eggs gently... more

    The Ovograder is a highly accurate and user- friendly weighi... more

    Table Eggs Handling

    A Smartpack makes the daily tasks in an egg room effortless.... more

    40,000 eggs per hour. Due to the compact design of the machi... more

    With extreme precision the Pallet Loader swiftly places stac... more


    Up to 1,500 bph

    Compact Front View
    Compact Front View

    The new COMPACT processing line has been designed with a cap... more

    Compact Back View
    Compact Back View

    The new system does not have a platform on the ground making... more

    Up to 6,000 bph

    Overhead Conveyors
    Overhead Conveyors

    A few types of convoyor are used in slaughterhouses: T rail,... more


    Scalding is the most important parameter to obtain an optima... more

    Automatic Evisceration
    Automatic Evisceration

    Complete range of tools and material for semi-automatic evis... more

    Vertical Disc Plucking Machine
    Vertical Disc Plucking Machine

    The machine is used alone as part of a small line, or used p... more




    Available Capacities : 19200 / 38400 / 57600 / 96000 / 1152... more



    Available Capacities : 19200 / 38400 Possibility of separat... more

    Egg Handling Machines

    30 Egg Removal Aparatus
    30 Egg Removal Aparatus

    It transfers from the card to the incubator tray. Can be sin... more

    Manual Egg Transfer Machine
    Manual Egg Transfer Machine

    This Machine is made of stainless chrome.It makes the proces... more

    Automatic Egg Transfer Machine
    Automatic Egg Transfer Machine

    The Egg Removal Capacity is of 150 chicken eggs. It can be u... more

    Immortal Egg Separation Table
    Immortal Egg Separation Table

    The illumination table is an egg-lighting control system tha... more



    Our luminaires are cast in a highly-durable composite resin ... more

    Our luminaires are cast in a highly-durable composite resin ... more


    The SUNBIRD® dimmer offers true and linear 0-100% dimming in... more

    Control Gears

    The SUNBIRD® light is mounted directly onto a plastic juncti... more


    Climate & Feeding Controller

    The main Qfarm feature is that you can fully set and customi... more

    Xfarm performs climate and feeding control. By setting a few... more

    Simple Climate Controller

    A microcomputer module must be designed to be quick and easy... more

    A microcomputer module must be designed to be quick and easy... more


    Feed Mill Machinery

    Feed Mill Machine
    Feed Mill Machine

    Manufactured in Turkey, including: - All kinds of conveyors... more