Broiler Project I

Located in a Mediterranean environment, in an isolated village in the North of Lebanon, this broiler project is constituted of 2 buildings of 4 floors each. The 8 floors are 66-meters-long, 12-meters-wide and 3-meters-high.

The number of birds per floor is of 14,000 broiler birds, floor raised.

Being entirely equipped by AG team of experts, the broiler grower chose to collaborate with our team for the complete needed equipment regarding the climate system, PVC system and feeding and drinking system.

The advanced chosen controllers are used run the houses in a fully automated mode.

In this region, which goes through all 4 seasons during the year, both temperature & humidity levels have to be constantly adjusted in order to maintain the ideal growing environment of 32 to 26 degrees Celsius & 60% to 50% Relative Humidity levels inside the house.

UPCOMING: The grower looks to expand his production with the help of Agricool Group soon.